About Me.


My current practice focuses on sculpture. I am captivated by natural forms to an almost spiritual extent. It is this that motivates my creativity to capture the essence of the materials and the resonant places where they were found.

The found objects include driftwood, glass and stone that are then interpreted, worked and represented through combinations and juxtapositions in materials including resin, concrete and cement. My practice aims to highlight the beauty found in unusually overlooked natural objects and illuminate their presence in the outside world by transforming and displaying their isolated presence inside. The found objects are transformed into sculptural objects where the viewer is compelled to focus upon the pure form and textures.

My interventions reifies a stone, a brick or driftwood and imbues it with my own sense of wonder. I am interested in revealing an unexpected beauty and properties in a previously unseen way.



2017 - 2019 BA ( Hons.) Fine Art -University of Salford

2008 - 2009  NVQ 2 & 3  Photography & Dark Room. Pendleton College, Salford 


2018  Post Truth Exhibition - New Adelplhi , University of Salford 

2017  Work in progress - Artwork Atelier, Manchester



2019 Counselling and Wellbeing Photography commission - University of Salford

2018  Legacy Garden Public Sculpture- Clifford Whitworth Library University of Salford 


2018  Flat Time House Gallery -London,two -day residency

Mertz Barn - Cumbria, Three-day residency



2018 Mertz Barn - Cumbria (Performance)

2018 Day of the Dead - Workshop coloration, University of Salford 

Contact information.

Tel: 07444519540

Email: gdavenportstudio@gmail.com